Love Is…

Love Is
Love is……forty stories of first loves, friends to lovers, and heat of the moment. Join forty authors, including multiple New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, as they take you on a romantic ride through time and space. From the dazzling ballrooms of Regency historical romance to contemporary love from sweet n’ dreamy to kinky n’ steamy to the wide open frontier of science fiction romance and magical worlds of far away fantasy realms, sample the best that romance has to offer! Every short story is the perfect candy sized nugget to read over a cup of coffee or before falling asleep at night.
All proceeds from the Love Is… anthology will be donated to the literacy charity, Reach Out & Read.



Excerpt from Shanghai Nights, my contribution to the Love Is… anthology.

“See anything you like?”

She spun around and found herself staring at the guy she’d met the other day. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt this time, but even that outfit seemed tailor-made for his body. Now Caitlyn wished she’d changed. She blinked at him and tried to come up with something clever. “I’m not sure.”

He smiled at her. “Need some help?”

“That would make twice in one week, and I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Ryan. Ryan Carter. And you are?”

“Caitlyn Peters.” She had been trying to push the incident at the store out of her mind, but she’d still been dwelling on it for the past couple of days. Complimenting his English was bad enough. The fact that he’d paid for the towel when she realized that she’d left her wallet behind was even worse. She hadn’t even thanked him properly because he rushed off right after he paid. After all that, she wondered why he was being so nice to her. Or had she spent the past few years so buried in her work that she could no longer tell when a guy was interested?